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Online Converter

If you have Microsoft Excel running on Windows, it is recommended to download and use TabHelper, which provides a richer editing environment with dynamic formatting hints.

For other users who are not running Windows and Microsoft Excel, you can use this online javascript converter to convert TabHelper spreadsheet content to TAB output. This approach can be used with other spreadsheet editors, such as Gnumeric, Open Office, or for Microsoft Excel running on a Macintosh.


  • Download the blank XLS template: tabhelper_blank_project.xls and create the tabulature of your choice. Do not modify the number of rows by inserting or deleting them, or you may get incorrect TAB output. A sample completed file is here.
  • When you wish to convert to TAB format, select all in your spreadsheet, copy to the clipboard and paste into the Pasted content box below. This should paste in the plain text version of the content, separated with tab characters.
  • Press the "Convert to TAB" button. The "Reset" button will clear both fields.
  • Copy all the text from the second text field and paste into a plain text editor, saving the plain text file with a .tab file extension.
  • Create postscript file of the rendered output by mailing the content of this file to the TAB-by-mail service provided by Wayne Cripps.

Pasted content:

TAB output

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