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About this site

About Marmalade Foo

This website is dedicated to the spirit of sharing on the Internet. To say thanks for all the great content out there.

Why "MarmaladeFoo"

Because marmalade is sticky/sweet/bitter. Foo refers only to its own syntactic location (the canonical example of a so-called metasyntactic variable).

Website software

This site is written and maintained using CitrusWeb, which is available for download. See software/citrusweb/introduction for more details. CitrusWeb is written in REBOL (see links/rebol for more info).

Usability Concepts

This site is an evolving experiment in web usability, hence no Flash (which incidentally is evil). It aims to provide an example of a self-editing web system (somewhat like Wiki) that has some further simple categorisation based on the principle that websites should be about 3 layers deep.

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