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Welcome to Marmalade Foo!

I hope you find something to your liking here. This site contains downloads for the following software projects:

  • TabHelper - a utility program for using MS Excel for typsetting lute and guitar tabulature, and TAB for the typesetting itself. See software/tabhelper/introduction (v1.1 released August 2008)
  • XPackerX - a packaging system for creating standalone executables based on script based applications. See software/xpackerx/introduction (v0.4.1 released 1-Aug-2013)
  • CitrusWeb - a web based editing system written in REBOL (this site uses it). See software/citrusweb/introduction

Luthier articles:
  • Inventing the Guihuela - showing the construction process for the guihuela, an instrument that can be easily constructed and suitable for playing lute music. See projects/inventing-the-guihuela

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